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NZ Men’s & Women’s Flag Football National Teams

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

NZ Amer

ican Football Federation is looking to embark on a 3 year campaign for our men’s and women’s National Flag Football teams (the NZ Mako) culminating in the IFAF Flag Football World Championships in 2024 to be held in Finland.

As part of the campaign, we are working towards a (possible) series against Australia later in 2022 and a continental (Asia/Oceania) championship in 2023.

The first part of this process is to confirm our coaches for both our men’s and women’s teams and confirm that there is sufficient interest in the campaigns to proceed with the planning.

We are pleased to announce that Shiraz Soysa will continue in his role as the men’s team head coach and Brendan McGurk will continue in his role as team manager.

We are now looking for expressions of interest for the following:

1. Women’s team head coach - link here to form

2. Men’s team assistant coaches (up to 2) - link here to form

3. Expressions of interest for men’s Mako team - link here to form

4. Expressions of interest for women’s Mako team - link here to form.

There is further general information on the structure of campaigns and requirements on players included in National Teams Campaigns document here.

There will be a Q&A Zoom session for those interested in the campaign next Wednesday the 6th April at 7:30. The link to the session is here.

Follow up announcements:

· Coaches to be finalised by end of April

· Full announcement of programme, dates and selection process shortly after coaching announcement.

If there are any questions, contact:

Russell McConnochie


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