flag football

Flag Football is a fast-paced, non-contact form of American Football played by teams of 5 on small fields. The game focuses on passing and catching skills and is the best way to develop young players before they begin playing contact American Football.

Flag Football Rules

View the link opposite to educate yourself on the rules of flag football

Flag Competitions

NZAFF host various competitions around New Zealand, in conjunction with local clubs and regions.

Most of the competitions are shortened forms of the game so that a tournament can be completed on one day and are “open” and “invitation” which means that membership of NZAFF is not a requirement and that teams can be made up of any age group or gender.

Watch the "What's On" calendar for events across the country

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ENDZONE is a simplified version of non-contact American Flag Football.

The ENDZONE concept is designed to eliminate the need for specialist equipment, specially marked fields, and complex rules to just get everyone out there throwing a Football and having fun.


These resources are available to help you develop and enjoy the game.  These resources are free to download and/or print.

  1. The video on this page gives an introduction to ENDZONE.

  2. Skills and Drills are here.  These will show you the FUNdamentals of the game.

  3. American Football Canterbury have developed a full teaching plan (here) with lesson plans that you can use to help players develop.

  4. ENDZONE rules can be found here.

  5. JUNIORBALL rules can be found here.  This is a game similar to Ultimate Frisbee.


If you want to know the difference between ENDZONE and Flag Football there is brief description here.  This document also has information about starting your own local league.


You can find references to more advanced Flag Football resources here.

Watch this short video on how to play ENDZONE