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The Champions Project is the name we have given the initiative to fund clubs, individuals and other groups to help deliver Football into NZ communities.

Champions Project 2023/2024

The Champions Project is the name NZAFF have given the initiative to fund clubs, individuals and other groups to help kickstart American Football Activities around New Zealand.


One of the challenges that NZAFF faces is how to get the great sport of American Football out into communities NZ wide.


For individuals, clubs or other organizations interested in championing American Football activities within their local communities, NZAFF have Champions Project funding available to help kickstart these activities.


The goals of the Championship Project are to:

1) Increase Awareness

2) Increase Participation

3) Increase an athlete's American Football skills & abilities.


Champions Project funding is available on application, and is approved on a case-by-case basis for local initiatives only. Champions Project funding grants are agreed upon short-term contracts not as an ongoing source of funding for delivery activities; it is envisioned that the work done by the Champion leads to self-sustaining activities.


​Individuals, Clubs or Organisations interested in applying to be a Champion should contact in writing outlining;

  • Champion(s) Name

  • Name of Activity

  • Type of Activity

  • Primary goal for this activity?

  • What is the measure of success?

  • Target Audience

  • Date(s) & Time of Activity

  • Duration of Activity

  • Summary of your background that qualifies you to Champion this activity.


From here, GM will advise if the application is accepted/declined and what the next steps are.


Some Champions Project activities NZAFF have funded in the past are;

  • Have-a-go days at Primary/Intermediate/Secondary schools.

  • Have-a-go days Sports Club or with Corporates.

  • School holiday program activation.

  • Deliver a tournament.

  • Create and deliver a league.

  • Run a combine

  • Provide local news content.

  • Skill development sessions/camps.


  1. NZAFF may consider providing equipment, resources and specialist support people for delivery if required.

  2. Champions project funding cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other NZAFF funding initiatives.

  3. The Champions will not necessarily be expected to deliver 100% of every module themselves and at times may be supported by 3rd parties, but we do see the Champions taking overall responsibility for the planning, promotion and delivery.

  4. The NZAFF Champions Project initiative is subject to annual review. NZAFF reserves the right to adjust/remove this offer at any time.

  5. 2023/2024 Champions Project applications are open until 31st July 2024.


If you have questions or want more information,please contact Russell McConnochie, NZAFF GM | or Shernice Henry,  NZAFF Program Co-coordinator |

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