The Champions Project is the name we have given the initiative to fund clubs, individuals and other groups to help deliver Football into NZ communities.

Champions Project

One of the challenges that NZAFF faces is how to get the great sport of American Football out into communities NZ-wide with the goal of increasing participation. American Football is a popular sport in New Zealand, with the NFL having a very strong following, but many Kiwis don't know that you can actually play the sport here which is something we want to change.
To encourage this, NZAFF are looking to engage with individuals, clubs or other organisations that are able to deliver American Football activities into their communities.  These will be our “Champions” and operate in paid roles helping to grow participation in American Football related activities around New Zealand. 

This isn't necessarily all about contact American Football, but also the non-contact Flag version, and related events such as NFL style “combines” or games-based  ‘have-a-go’ days.

Clubs, organisations or individuals who are interested should contact the GM ( to register interest in participating listing the following:

  • Which modules you are interested in delivering? Or, if you have an area of interest not covered as a module, what would that look like?

  • Some of your background that explains what your qualifications are for becoming a Champion?

  • Delivery timing - what is your availability?


Our Champions could be clubs, organisations or individuals who are part of our communities, or they could be from outside our current communities. Whilst a passion for, and knowledge of, American Football is ideal, related experience in sport related delivery could also be enough for Champions to succeed in these roles with NZAFF's support.

The requirements of the Champions roles are based around delivering a series of modules covering everything from have-a-go days in schools, to delivering training, seminars and activities for players who wish to extend themselves and includes opportunities to raise the profile through reporting on activities. The modules delivered are flexible, and delivery can be tailored to the skills, connections and experience of the individual “Champion” as we appreciate individuals will be strong in different areas.


These are not full-time roles and can be worked around the time available to the Champion deliverer. At this stage, we would expect at least 20 hours per month to be available. The modules are designed to be delivered either as a group, or as a single module, as particular circumstances permit. Some example modules can be found below, but these will be developed further as we build out our Champions.

The remuneration for the Champions is based on delivering the modules and will be tied to an approximate hourly rate. An estimate of the time, and the rates, expected to complete each module has been suggested, however there is flexibility in the amount of time for delivery depending on specific situations.

NZAFF will provide equipment, resources and specialist support people for delivery if required. The Champions will not necessarily be expected to deliver 100% of every module themselves and at times may be supported by 3rd parties, but we do see the Champions taking overall responsibility for the planning, promotion and delivery.

Example Modules:

  1. Have-a-go days at Primary/Intermediate/Secondary schools.

  2. Have-a-go days Sports Club or with Corporates.

  3. Sunday Scrimmage (either a one-off event or regular event).

  4. School holiday program activation.

  5. Arrange a Coach training session.

  6. Arrange an Officials training session.

  7. Deliver a tournament.

  8. Create and deliver a league.

  9. Run a combine (could be for local Athletes or a more fun / participation focused event e.g. for kids).

  10. Arrange a speed and agility session for local Athletes.

  11. Arrange a strength and conditioning session for local Athletes.

  12. Arrange a nutritionist session for local Athletes.

  13. Arrange a film review session for local Athletes.

  14. Provide local news content.

  15. Community Event booth e.g. American Football balls / targets at a local event.