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Great Coaches are the key to any Sport’s growth and prosperity, and having qualified, skilled and passionate Coaches will be critical to the growth of American Football in New Zealand.

Coaching Tackle Football

Each club should have at least one coach per team that has competed the USA Football Safe tackle coaching course and the qualification should be current.

NZAFF recognises the USA Football Safe Tackle qualification for 3 years after which time the coach needs to re-qualify.


All coaches, and anyone else who takes any coach course, should register their courses and upload their certificates with NZAFF though the NZAFF Coach and Officials Development Update Form (link opposite).

USA Football Courses

USA Football update their systems every year so we can expect that the course content will change over time. In the latest change there are not separate courses for Flag and for tackle which is different from what we had explained earlier in the season.  This makes it easier.


As of 2020 there is one set of courses for both Flag & tackle:

  1. Health & Safety

  2. Coaching 101

  3. Anti-Abuse

  4. Youth Tackle



Tackle Coach Development

For new coaches in the Tackle season will be to complete all the USA Football modules noted above.A Flag coach that has completed the first two modules can add the remaining 3 modules to qualify for the Tackle Coach qualification.

Flag Coach Development

The NZAFF requirement for new coaches for Flag will be passing:

  1. The Health & Safety Module

  2. The Coaching 101 module.

Once those are done you can take a screen shot of your record and upload it on to the Update Form here or follow the link opposite.
We will also be able to see what courses have been passed in the USA Football system through the NZAFF administration portal.

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