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American Football
Officials Aotearoa

Information for officials and people that want to become officials for both tackle Football and Flag Football. The American Football Officials Aotearoa (AFOA) is part of the New Zealand American Football Federation and manages the development of officials in NZ.

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Officials Pathways

NZAFF is committed to supporting Officials on this pathway and will actively support officials when opportunities present themselves nationally, regionally and internationally.

AFOA use the Australian Gridiron Officials Association (AGOA) qualifications framework.  Access to these courses can be provided by NZAFF once you have registered.

Official Registration 

If you want to become an Official then click the "Register here" button below and one of our Officials will be in touch for the next steps.

If you would rather have a talk with someone about what is involved then click the link for the "Contact me" button below.


Being an American Football Official can provide many opportunities.From starting at the entry level of officiating contact football or Flag football officials can enter into the Officials Development Program (see below) and develop their knowledge and skills.With knowledge and experience involvement in regional, national and international event become real opportunities.


NZAFF will support Officials invite or nominated to officiate at IFAF international Events - tackle and Flag.

Trans Tasman

Officials will be invited to attend and officiate at Gridiron Australia events or attend conferences run by AGOA (Australian Gridiron Officials Association).


Travel to national Flag Tournaments or other national events.


Develop skills and qualifications and be invited to the ThunderBowl or regional Flag Tournaments.


Gain experience officiating in local competitions.

Flag Football Officiating

For officials that are starting out in Flag Football we have the document below - Basics of Flag Football Officiating.

This is for Officials that are helping the referee (White Hat) by being a Down Judge, a Field Judge or a Side Judge.

We have broken down the roles and made it easy for new officials to understand their roles and responsibilities.

Once you have read the document you can take the test. 

The test is a requirement for any new officials at NZAFF events.

Once you have passed the test you can be invited to help at tournaments around the country.  An invitation to attend means that travel and accommodation is provided at no charge to the official.

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