NZAFF Affiliated Clubs can find information and links to information on this page.

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Player Safety Game Day Reporting

Clubs can use the link opposite to record their game day player safety reports.

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Concussion information and protocols

For more detailed information on concussion symptoms follow this link

Immediate visual indicators of concussion include:

  • Loss of consciousness or responsiveness

  • Lying motionless on the ground/slow to get up

  • A dazed, blank or vacant expression

  • Appearing unsteady on feet, balance problems or falling over

  • Grabbing or clutching of the head or

  • Impact seizure or convulsion

  • Visible injury to face or head (especially in combination with any other signs)

  • Loss of balance/co-ordination

Red Flags - What requires hospitalisation:

If no qualified medical professional is available, consider transporting by ambulance for urgent medical assessment.

  • Player complains of neck pain

  • Increasing confusion or irritability

  • Repeated vomiting

  • Seizure or convulsion

  • Double vision

  • Weakness or tingling/burning in arms or legs

  • Deteriorating conscious state

  • Severe or increasing headache

  • Unusual behavior change

Concussion protocols for return to play

The following steps can be found in the Protocols Summary document. The steps

that must be followed with the help of a medical professional are:

  1. Recognise the signs of a suspected or potential concussion.

  2. Remove from play if a concussion is suspected and if in doubt ensure you sit them out.

  3. Refer all suspected / potential concussion to a medical doctor for diagnosis and return to play guidelines.

  4. Rest & Recover - All players must have; full, physical & cognitive rest to ensure best recovery can take place if a concussion is diagnosed.

  5. Return to Play - Players should undertake a graduated return to training and play.

For more detailed information on the concussion protocols regarding the return to play

stages follow this link.  The return to play should be supervised by a medical professional

- ideally with specialised concussion training.

Player Safety Responsibilities


Equipment Subsidies

NZAFF will extend the 40% discount on  pads and padded pants into the 2022/23 season. 

We are currently also holding the price of the Schutt Vengeance Pro LTD sizes M, L, XL, or XXL Schutt V7 VTD at $250 but this is under review given the rise in equipment pricing and the cost of shipping.

Adequate warning will be provided is a change in pricing is required.

For those that are interested there are two ways you can get access to the discount.

  1. From NZAFF through your club.

    • You tell your club to order the equipment you want from NZAFF.

    • NZAFF use Sports Unlimited as a supplier so the products need to be available from them and, to avoid confusion, quote the Sports Unlimited product number(s) when you supply the information to the club.

    • When the equipment arrives, NZAFF invoices the club and delivery is on payment.

  2. Order direct from any supplier

    • You order, and pay, direct from any supplier, presumably in the USA but could be elsewhere, and get the item(s) shipped direct to you.

    • When it arrives, you provide proof of the order, delivery and payment to NZAFF and NZAFF will rebate 40% of the NZ$ landed price of the item(s) direct into your bank account.

    • In this option NZAFF will offer the rebate on any helmet, shoulder pads or padded pants.

If you have questions or want more information, contact Russell McConnochie, NZAFF GM, at

Equipment Fitting Guide

These fitting guides can be found on equipment manufacturers we sites and are referenced here for ease of use.


The prerequisite for being eligible for Club Grants is the use of the Sporty registrations system.

For the 2022/23 season the Club Grant program will be similar to last season with separate parts. Some of these items can, and should be, done prior to the season.

For the 2022/23 season there will be some changes to the Club Grants with some of the sections being removed. 

Information has already been sent out regarding Sporty and the links for each club are on the NZAFF web site under “Membership Registrations” above. The program focus is primarily player safety followed by participation with some extra opportunities at tournaments.

If you have a question please contact Russell -

1. Player Safety Reporting

We will continue with the player safety reporting program.

Flag teams in local competition will be $200 per team for the season.

All forms of tackle Football will be $400 per team in competition.

Competitions must have a draw and published results.

2. Concussion Refresher

Similar to last year with another 20% of the players, none of the player that have previously competed the course can be eligible.  This is the next 20% of players.  All club all coaches and assistant coaches must have gone through the the refresher.

As for last year it will be $100 per player who completes the refresher.

3. Coach Qualification

Coaches are required to qualify or re-qualify if their 3 year cycle has expired.

Any coaches who are past their three years need to refresh and any new coaches are eligible.  They must be registered as coaches on the Sporty system.

For each coach re-qualifying or new coach qualifying the club will receive $250.

4. Youth Women's Flag Teams

We have a focus on the women's game so there will be an incentive to enter youth teams in flag competitions competition.

We aim to have a Youth Women's division at the Flag Nationals in March 2023.

For each Youth Women's team entered in competition, and competing in sufficient games, the club will receive $250

5. Tournaments Player Safety reporting

Clubs who run tournaments are eligible for the player safety reporting grant based on $50 per team entered.  The host club will do the reporting for all games and should contact the GM to get the details and access to the reporting form for tournaments which is different from the competition reporting.

Club Flag nationals will require player safety reporting for each game that is played.  Clubs will receive $100 per team for completing successful player safety reporting for the event


The New Zealand American Football Federation (NZAFF) is here to support the growth of our sport and the following documents (follow the links) covers aspects of setting up and running a successful club. But please check out our website for a range of other resources, and also get in touch if we can be of any help.

American Football is an incredible sport that has been played by a small group in New Zealander’s for over 40 years, and for those of us involved we know that the sport will appeal to many more Kiwis both young and old if they give it a try.

1. Start a new club

How to start a club in 3 easy steps:

2. Being an effective Committee

Once you are a Club you will want to do the best you can as a committee. Everyone is busy so following some simple guidelines will help the processes go smoother.

3. Being an effective Club

Running an effective club consists of juggling various parts to make sure the day to day things get done while keeping an eye on the things that need to be done for the future of the club.


Below you will find links to all the codes of conduct for all NZAFF members, players, coaches, administrators (managers), officials and parents.


When Members register they agree to abide by the appropriate code of conduct for their role or roles. It is important to have these so that we are all protected from the kind of behavior that could bring the sport into disrepute.