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Player Pathway Combine Series

Do you think you have what it takes to make a living out of playing Football?

If you do, then this is your opportunity to showcase your talent.

The aim is to bring 20 of the best athletes to Auckland in December to be seen by international scouts including from the European Football League.

We have had some success recently in players in the EFL and they have opened a pathway that other athletes can follow.

The Series is open to males 16+ both club members and non-club members. We are looking for the best athletes available.

Register here:

The series will consist of three combines (dates & venues below):

  1. Bronze. Open to all athletes across Aotearoa from any sporting background.

  2. Silver. All athletes that attended the Bronze combine can attend the Silver. No new athletes will be accepted. At the conclusion of this combine a selection will be made for attendance at the pinnacle Gold combine championship to be held in Auckland.

  3. Gold Championship event. Participation will be by invitation only.

The Gold Championship event will be held with around 20 of the best athletes across these positions:

  • Quarterbacks

  • All Linesman

  • Running Backs & Linebackers

  • Wide Receivers Cornerbacks & Safety.

There will be recognition for the top performer in each category.

We will have positional experts attending the lead up camps to assist in the preparation of the athletes and offer advice.

These camps we will test on NFL Combine Tasks including:

  • 40yd dash

  • Broad Jump

  • Cone Drill

  • Vertical Jump.

If you really want to impress with your ability practice these drills before you are tested at the combine.


Bronze camps - Saturday 30th July, 10am-2pm.

Silver Camp - Saturday 8th October, 10am-2pm.


Bronze camps - Saturday 6th , 2pm – 6pm.

Silver Camp - Saturday 9th October, 2pm – 6pm.


Bronze camps - Saturday 6th August, 10am-2pm.

Silver Camp - Saturday 15th October, 10am-2pm.

Gold Camp – Player Pathways Championship


3rd & 4th December, times TBC

AUT Millennium Stadium

Participation by selection only

Spectators welcome.

Register here:

Or by contacting

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