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Referees to World Games

As part of the pathway for officials we are pleased to announce that we have two referees heading off to officiate at the IFAF Flag Football World Championships being held in conjunction with the World Games being held in Birmingham, Alabama.

Paul Brownd, from Auckland, Donald McMillan form Canterbury fly out today for that event.

The World Games start on the 8th of July with the Flag Championships starting on the 10th of July.

The eight nations that qualified for championships were decided at the World Championships held in Israel in 2021. They are:

Women: United States, Mexico, Austria, Brazil, Panama, Japan, France and Italy

Men: United States, Mexico, Panama, Italy, France, Austria, Denmark and Germany.

We believe that the event will be covered by ESPN but at this stage it appears that Sky is not broadcasting it.

Paul and Donald will be posting about their experiences on the AFOA FB page, here, as will IFAF, here.

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